Philly Official Guide


Franklin For President is an online journal collaboration between a Philadelphia high school English teacher and the most famous, entertaining Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin. The journal is a compliment to the historical narratives which these two impressive individuals provide in their tour company, the Philly Official Guide (click). The goal of this site is to provide interesting and entertaining factoids about the city of Philadelphia, including the foundational principles of our country’s creation, through the satirical mind of these two authors. The purpose of this Enlightenment is to generate a sense of civic pride and duty in order to motivate all to make society a better place for all…

Topics will include:
- Policy Platform Ben would have if he was running for President (or Governor, or Mayor, or City Council, etc.)
- Motivational pieces from Ben to help the readers find their Way to Wealth
- Transcripts of interesting conversations that Ben and the high school teacher have had
- Essays about historical figures
- Ben’s stories about his childhood
- And much more!!!