Philly Official Guide

"I remember the first stop in Philadelphia always had to be to Dr. Franklin's house. No one has ever accomplished more for that city, nor enjoyed discussing his own personal accolades more than that man. I could always rely on him to provide fascinating anecdotes about his city and his accomplishments!"

          -- Thomas Paine

"During our stay in Philadelphia, Mr. Franklin was the greatest host and spokesman for a city that the history books have ever seen. He was the most charming, humorous, pedantic narcissist. The man could talk tirelessly for hours about any subject, which is unsurprising"

          -- James Madison 

"J t'aime Monsieur Franklin!"

          -- France... the country

"They should write a play about his life..."

          -- Alexander Hamilton

"The women love him now when is old, fat, and bald! Imagine the power of his charm when he was a young dreamer!"

         -- Abigail Adams

"The only concern I have of Franklin's Philadelphia tour is that prefers to give them in the rain, at which point he tends to randomly place a metal rod in the middle of the crowd in order to attract lightning. He argues that it's for emphasis."

        -- George Washington

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"O.G." (noun)


​Acronym For: "Official Guide", "Original Gangster", "Original Ginger"


  1. One who has spent many years in a business and is regarded with respect as an "elder" to any others who enter the business
  2. A founder or innovator of a business or lifestyle
  3. A person well-connected with hustlers and gangsters in the streets and knows the workings of the criminal underworld
  4. The most trusted person to give you a comprehensive understanding of the history, politics, and culture of a region

Synonyms: Boss, Kingpin, Big Shot, CEO, Playa 

the best way to educate and enlighten is through entertainment. using updated guiding techniques and old school philosophies, the philly o.g. will leave a smile on your face and wisdom in your mind.

Thanks to advances in impossible science, a younger version of Benjamin Franklin has been brought to the Present Era. In short, he met a High School English teacher and they collaborated together to create the Philly O.G., an innovative historical tour company. Ever a salesman for civic duty, Young Ben had been known to spend much of his time showing travelers and investors through the colonial town of Philadelphia. His energy and witty brain combined with the teacher's vast knowledge of the present city - and "urban hustler" mindset - creates a game-changing tour de force​ (pun intended) that is dedicated to raising awareness to the global influence of Philadelphia's history.


Ben Franklin is alive!

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